Testing and Compliance

Test Environment Creation Utility

Our Test Environment Creation Utility (TECU) is a testing tool that facilitates rapid and focused testing of core banking systems. The tool creates a subset of the existing production or test environment while sanitizing the data to be in compliance with privacy and audit policies

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File Compare Utility

MoadBus' File Compare Utility (FCU) is a reporting and testing tool that compares, tracks, and reports any changes to externally defined files on the IBM iSeries, i.e. configuration file and security files. The capability exists to compare file settings between multiple environments thus minimizing the impact of any inadvertent changes in production. The tool can be used for pre-production validation prior to installing any software upgrades

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CIF Sentry

The CIF Sentry tool tracks all suspicious employee activity within the core banking system by tolerance level rules set by the bank and access to customer / account information. Every function that is accessed by any selected user to view or print any customer or account information is logged with all pertinent user details. The unusual activity report will provide a quick and easy method to spot any potential unwanted activity

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